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It’s All Business - 2022 And Beyond

2022 is a big year for IllCoz Music and and that means it‘s time to get down to business! With a revamped image and a solid plan in action, Coz looks to lock in a foot hold as a heavy hitter in the local hip hop scene, setting the stage to expand even further in following years!

This year will have a lot of firsts for our team. A large focus on promoting thus far has been put into Facebook, but we have decided that that platform is less than suited for our bigger goals. As such, more time and energy will be spent on platform building on YouTube, and Instagram, as well as trying to establish this website as the go to source for everything related to IllCoz Music.

The end of February will mark the launch of the first IllCoz branded clothing and merchandise line, and will also usher in the option to purchase music directly from our team via this website.

Without giving out too much information, the February merchandise launch will pave the way for the debut album. We can expect to see two studio albums finished this year, along with countless singles and social media content.

To say we’re busy on this end would be an understatement, but the time has come to take the underground music world by storm. Thank you all SO much for rocking with us, and Cheers to you and yours this holiday season!

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