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Island Vibin'

Ayyye! Whats up everybody? Its been a minute but yo, I've got some things coming up I'm pretty excited about if I do say so myself. Work behind the scenes has had us pulling together some pretty dope pieces, and we're gonna be starting to showcase that real soon with the roll out of a track comprised of three Vancouver Island artists, vibin out over a beat composed by a very respected Vancouver producer.

IllCoz is joined by Oktiv6 and Wordmasta J on the joint "Matter of Fact" to bless your ear drums with some easy listening hip hop leading into the sunny season. The pieces are coming together, and I'm stoked to share this one with you once we get everything packaged up and ready to go, thanks for tagging along for the ride. You're the best, love you forever, k, bye xo

- Coz

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